The TSC Alliance India is a non-profit organisation that does everything it takes to improve the lives of people with TSC in India. We drive research, improve quality care and access and advocate for all affected by the disease. The TSC community is our strongest ally. The collaboration of individuals and families, along with the partnership of other organisations, fuels our work to ensure people navigating TSC have support and hope every step of the way. The TSC Alliance India is based in Hyderabad, India, and has successfully created a network all over the country with parents and eminent doctors.

TSC Alliance India is here to help:

  • Provide information to caregivers, patients, hospitals, schools and other involved institutions about TSC
  • Educate caregivers and patients about management of TSC
  • Organise events, seminars for knowledge exchange with medical professionals
  • Create a support system in form of online networks as well as regional chapters to share experiences on TSC management
  • Advocate to improve access to best clinical practices
  • Support TSC research activity in India
    We work closely with TSC Alliance,USA ( and are a member of their Global Alliance Program. TSC Alliance India is also a member of TSC International (